Our Staff

The Director, Heather Barboza is a certified Special Education Teacher who has taught in the Blue Valley School District for the past 10 years.  She is certified to teach children with moderate to profound disabilities ages Kindergarten through 12th grade.

In addition to Heather, all lead teachers at Emma's Place will have extensive experience in working with children with disabilities.

We will also have a wide range of peers who will be trained to assist the lead teachers.  These peers will range in ages from 14 to 18 years of age.  All Peer assistants will go through extensive training and have experience working with children with disabilities.

Tuition at Emma's Place will include:

  • Low staffing ratios- there will be 1 staff person for every 5 friends.  Typical day cares have staffing of 15 children for every 1 staff person.
  • Individualized Plans for your child’s behavioral, sensory, dietary, medical needs along with parental goals for the child’s time at the center. 
  • Sensory Friendly Environment- we will have a designated sensory room for those students with high sensory input needs. Toys, fidgets and activities will be provided with sensory needs in mind
  • Life skills instruction, students can make their own after school snack along with other practical skills like making up cots, helping with laundry as well as any other skills parents would like them to practice.
  • Social Skills Instruction through practice with peers.
  • Daily healthful movement including dance, stretching, yoga
  • Music therapy will be provided every week.
  • Daily activities will be provided to meet our Friend's Speech and OT needs.  These activities will be designed by licensed professionals in Speech and OT.
  • If you would like to share your child's IEP we will incorporate activities to support these goals to the extent we are able
  • A medical room is available for those students who may have g-tube feeding requirements, or need medications administered while at Emma's Place.  This includes cots for those needing rest time.
  • Daily communications about your child's time at Emma's Place.  Communications will be tailored to each family's concerns and will document any issues that may arise along with pictures and videos of the fun they are having with their Friends.

About Emma's Place for Exceptional Children

Emma's Place was inspired by the students with unique needs that don't fit into "cookie cutter" day care settings. Our mission is to help these families with their child care needs and to provide a safe, fun, productive environment for our Friends.